There are countless amount of hiking trails available to the public. They could be for the Appalachian trail, or even your local nature walk. Whenever or wherever you decide to go outside, here are a few tips to remember.

  • Hike with a group – you want to go with people who are experienced, but going with more than 7 people will make the trip more advanced and less enjoyable.
  • Slowest in the front – You don’t want to have a high-speed hiker and a strangler in the back. Always put the slowest in the front so no one gets left out.
  • Research – Research the climate and conditions of the trails before you leave. Even research the weather conditions  few days before the day you go. Just to be extra prepared.
  • Water! Water! Water! – Even when you think you’re drinking enough water, you are probably not. Dehydration is  common while hiking. Prevent that by bringing a bladder in a backpack.
  • Always be prepared – When i hike, i like to prepare for the worst. It is always good to bring a rain poncho, fire starter kit, and extra food just incase.
  • Tell someone – Always let someone know where you are going and how long you should be gone for before you leave.

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