Climbing is all about gear. There are so different types of gear its hard to figure out where to start. When ever i talk to new climbers about buying gear, i always recommend a harness. Harnesses are not too expensive, and last way longer than other types of gear.




A one piece climbing harness very basic. Although they are not as comfortable as a two piece harness, they do the job. One piece harness are mostly used as rentals at gyms. They not typically used.


Two piece harnesses are the most popular type of climbing harness. They are more comfortable, and not as restricting as one piece harnesses. Many different brands make two piece harnesses, so they are a lot to choose from.


When belaying with a harness, it varies on which harness you have. With a one-piece harness everything goes in the same place. The rope, or the carabiner / ATC goes through the one loop on the front if the harness. With a two piece harness though, it gets a little complicated. There is a place for the belay device and a different place for the rope. The one giant loop that connects the two legs is where the belay device goes. The two loops underneath that, is where the rope goes.

Buying a harness is a good first climbing investment. They last normally for about 2 years. (Depending on usage.)  When buying a harness, i recommend buying a two-piece. If you’re going to use something for 2 years of your life, why not be comfortable. Happy climbing.


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