My name is Margo. I am a sixteen year old girl from a small town in Massachusetts. That sentence is super cliché, but it’s true. Throughout my life I have done many team sports. I danced for ten years, played softball, soccer, and lacrosse. I also played volleyball for 3 years as well. Whenever I get into something I go in full-heartily. As I went through all these different of phases of sports, I would keep quitting for the same reason. I finally figured out I despise team sports. I can’t deal with all the commitment and having teammates. That’s just a part of who I am.

Drawing of myself

In early January of 2015, my cousin was staying at my house for two weeks. She’s a rock climber so she took me to the local climbing gym. My life changed that night. I fell in love with the feeling of accomplishing a route and getting to the top of those 65 foot walls. I also liked how you could be by yourself, or with a close group of friends. During the second week my cousin was at my house, we went hiking in the Blue Hills. Even though the hills are only 500 feet high, I really fell in love with hiking as well. Those two weeks, 14 days, turned around my life.


Fast forward 10 months, it is October of 2015. I now have been working at my local rock gym for 7 months. I am learning to lead climb. I have even climbed outside in Rumney, New Hampshire. I’ve meet so many amazing people as well who have really influenced my climbing. As for hiking, that is going extremely well. During August my cousin and I went on a 3 day backpacking trip in the White Mountain National Forest. That was one of the best times of my life. I really love these two activities, and I hope you do too, or will soon.

Summit of West Bond

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